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Jordan Chadsey
🦄Creative Tech Founder & Innovation-Obsessed Indie Hacker Sharing My Experiments👩🏼‍🔬

🚀Current (Released) Projects ⬇️

🥘MacroKitchen - Nutrient-Powered Advanced Recipe Search Engine
{working on 2.0 launch 👩🏼‍💻}


🔮Making/curating content and resources that inspire, facilitate, and amplify everyday innovation to create impact
{new Everyday Innovation podcast is on most major listening platforms}
🧠Inspired by curious study of cognitive science, design, tech, entrepreneurship, self development, systems, culture, and community

🌟JOIN THE CLUB (search “Everyday Innovation”) to listen in/contribute to interactive podcast episodes & interviews, start your own conversations that inspire & facilitate everyday innovation, and connect with others dedicated to cultivating their own innovation practices!


🧬NEW: Advising (open) + taking on a couple of venture design or product dev strategy projects per quarter (open for Q3!)

✨I share primarily on IG & on my website (jordanchadsey.com) — let’s connect!
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