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Francesca Hogi
Love and life coach and strategist. I help single people find true love, and I help people make more money doing what they love than they did in their previous careers. Founder of The True Love Society, co-founder of Audio Collective, and host of Dear Franny Podcast, a show about love ❤️


Some media:

💫The TODAY Show
💫The New York Times
💫Marie Claire
💫Harper’s Bazaar
💫The Washington Post
💫The Huffington Post

My CH resume:

💫84th most followed person on CH
💫Creator of 1st multi-day ticketed summit on CH (The True Love Summit)
💫 Lion King on Clubhouse PTR Lead 🦁 👑

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🌙 Native NYer living in LA with my boyfriend and our dog Toast
🌙 4/6 Splenic Projector
🌙 B.S. Syracuse | J.D. Michigan
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