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Robert Hess
🍸 The original Cocktail Evangelist.
🎬 Host and executive producer of “The Cocktail Spirit” on YouTube (via Small Screen Network).
📚 Author of “The Essential Bartenders Guide”.
🖼 Founder of “The Museum of the American Cocktail” (along with several others).
💻 Operates the DrinkBoy.com website.

👋 Co-Hosting, along with Audrey Saunders, “The Chanticleer Society” club on Clubhouse.

The Chanticleer Society is a Worldwide Organization of Cocktail Enthusiasts. It is made up of a dedicated membership which wants to help further the cocktail by providing all who are interested with access to information and resources that will help them better appreciate cocktails in specific and its other mixed-drinks siblings in general.

The Chanticleer Society FaceBook discussion forum is here:


Notable Interests and such...
🌳 Permaculture Design Course graduate
💻 Programming / Microsoft
👨‍🍳 Food and Cooking
🚀 Star Trek / Stargate / SF
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