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Drue Kataoka
🌏Past @clubhouse “icon” & Top 61 most followed people on CH🚀Artist technologist & CEO of Drue Kataoka Art Studios LLC, (www.Drue.Net), serving some of the world's top collectors in 5 continents & over 30 countries. She is known for her Ambrosia artworks, Celestial Lace mirror-polished steel sculptures & her work in VR & other tech media 🇯🇵
🌗 For the first zero gravity art exhibit at the International Space Station, created a historic artwork leveraging time dilation as an artistic medium.
🎨 Endowed the Drue Kataoka Arts Scholarship in 2001, given annually to a young person in the arts
🌎 World Economic Forum Cultural Leader & Young Global Leader
✨With Dr. Bernice A. King & The King Center organized #OnlineProtest
✨Started the #StopAsianHate fundraiser on Clubhouse 👉https://www.gofundme.com/f/stopasianhate
📰 Work featured on CNN, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, SF Chronicle, CNBC, MSNBC

📷 Instagram: @DrueKataoka
🌎 www.Drue.Net
press: druepress@gmail.com
📧 info@drue.net
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