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Filip Vitek
🇬🇧 🇸🇰 🇩🇪 DATA SCIENCE director
🌀TeamViewer | DATA | AI |
🧠 CH User Analytics
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Author of 📲 www.THEMIGHTYDATA.com |
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ANALYTICS evangelist | BOOKworm

Converting 17+ years of Data Science & Analytics 💡into thought provoking inspiration & advice.
My ultimate goal is to make you think about new trends & approaches (in using your data).

When not 🎙speaking on stage, I share my thoughts publicly on blog www.THEMIGHTYDATA.com (or its 🇸🇰 language sister MOCNEDATA.sk)

Feature engineering for Machine Learning is my special pet topic, I could talk hours on this.

When not meddling with data, I read a lot (and share my reading tips), play 🏀 for my club,
🚴🏻 or ⛷.
Occasionally, I feel urge to get off network and then I do Sherpa job for 🏔 cottage (for real).

Meet me also at:
👨‍🍳 http://linkedin.com/in/vitekfilip

As going through father role, happy to share parenting views as well.

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