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Samata Pattinson
👋🏾 CEO - Red Carpet Green Dress

• Sustainable design campaign at Oscars®
• Global cultural sustainability and thought-leadership partnerships: TESLA, Lenzing, Conscious Fashion X United Nations, The Academy Awards
• RCGD Global Design Contest
• Educational initiatives for young environmentalists
• Material innovations lab

Founded by Suzy Amis Cameron & James Cameron
AVATAR 2, 3 & 4 coming soon...

✳️ Clubs: Sustainability with RCGD
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Rooms held Tues, Thurs & Sun: 9PM GMT

Founder @THE___TRIBE™ Empowerment Journal 🖤

Published author (Bloomsbury)
Producer/Writer for First Child Productions
*Coming 2021*

British-born Ghanaian. Passionate about a relentless l🌏ve for fundamental sustainability, fashion and culture, not purely theoretical dialogue but impactful action. Determined to help others find themselves in the conversation and decision making. Inspired by my nominator Jonathan Pattinson. Mum to a beautiful boy.

Stop looking for your purpose. Do what makes you come alive and your purpose will find you.

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