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James Andrews
💆🏾‍♂️Entrepreneur / Angel Investor / aka “DJ Rich Cacao”/ Founder/GirlDad, Authenticated Ventures a brand studio and investment advisory that leverages culture to accelerate opportunities and growth outcomes for our portfolio and partners. We are really good at what we do, just sayin.

💿Recovering label executive from the LA/NYC 90’s hip hop / r&b “golden era” who worked at Columbia Records with all your favorite artists. I’m here to build bridges and support the creative economy. I believe Hip Hop is the Original “Lean Startup”

🙂The Authenticated is our membership community consisting of founders, funders and bosses. We have a club here on Clubhouse and do a lot of our programs “off-campus.” Our superpower is that we are able to “Scale Serendipity” by making the rooms where things happen

-Wednesday (8am PT) “Culture & Code Weekly.” Roundup of insights, observations, opportunities from within the community

📲Text 415-843-8100 with “clubhouse” if I can be helpful or “DJ” if you want to hang out in our avatar world when we spin records.

✈️LA based, Bay Area native who has been moving around globally for years // LA-NYC-ATL-RIO-LDN-Dubai-Tel Aviv-Palo Alto-Oakland. My people are your people. Family roots are in 🇧🇸 🇮🇹 🇩🇪

👨🏽‍💻Been working at the intersection of tech, culture and hustle since the 90’s. I moved from holding senior roles at record labels, fashion brand, tech startups, advertising agencies and venture to building my own businesses. Though I have had 2 exits my mom still doesn’t know what I do for a living.

Self Taught Investor
Startup / Celeb / Athlete Advisor
Corporate Brand Whisperer
Authentic Community Builder
Occasional DJ
Fancy Hotel Room Service Orderer
UCLA Bruin Alum & USC Hater

🏦Built The Authenticated in 2016, a membership community of 300+ investors, founders and creators diverse across ethnicity, industries and locations. We are like a cooler “Soho House in the cloud.”

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🏠We hold private and public events on Clubhouse (and off CH) with extraordinary leaders from Sports & Entertainment, Venture Capital, Business and Wellness. Sometimes we just open rooms and give away gems and cheat codes

📲Text me 415-843-8100 with “JOIN” to find out more about our membership community outside of Clubhouse. We are known for our virtual events and network. DM’s are open
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