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Reed Davis
Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) and the FDN Cert Course. founder. Always had a big vision to help as many people as possible and did a lot of grinding when hi-tech meant having a pager and a fax machine. After 10 years working hard in a clinic, running thousands of labs on thousands of folks, started teaching a two day workshop in 2008 about my observations and systems developed (FDN). By interviewing every participant since then, it turned into a very robust, 6-8 month, fully accredited certification course. Grads go into the world and “practice” FDN, but not alone. Again, by popular request we formed the Association of FDN Professionals (AFDNP) which provides ongoing clinical and business-building support. Please reach out if you have questions. I love to be interviewed if you have a podcast or summit, etc. FREEBIE! Go to the link below to get a free health coaching strategy session + tools of the wellness space vs illness space guide. FDN.today/clubhouse
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