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Tom Ross
💬 ‘The community building guy’. I help entrepreneurs build super engaged communities.

📖 Get my free community book at CommunityManual.com

🎙 Host at Startup Radio. Follow Startup Radio club for regular value.

♥️ Believer in kindness, honesty and integrity.

🙏 CEO: DesignCuts.com - the highest rated e-commerce marketplace for designers with 750,000 amazing members

💰 Millions paid out to creatives. Makes me super happy!

🎙 Podcasts: Biz Buds / The Honest Designer’s Show (1.7 mill downloads)

🐶 Lover of daily puppy walks and self care

🤕 Overcame hospitalising myself, major surgery and chronic illness following severe overwork (100+ hour weeks).

Dm me on Insta. I’ll personally reply, guaranteed. I love and appreciate my community! 😊
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