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Creative Healing
Welcome to 🧠 Cr8tive Healing🫀

This club was created for like minded people to share their experiences with Cr8tive Healing, whatever that may entail. Maybe it’s art, music, dance, poetry, yoga, equine, hiking, herbs...any out of the box modalities that bring about spiritual, emotional and physical healing are welcomed to be discussed, with kindness, respect and an open mind and heart.

Maria Mia Salazar, the founder of this Cr8tive Healing Club, believes that we are all capable of post traumatic growth, and Creativity is the catalyst.

Please DM a quick description of the topic before rooms are opened.

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Join Maria Mia Salazar for candid talks with cr8tives across the globe that alchemize pain into healing, courageously stepping outside the black and white lines of conventional modalities. Let’s explore the colorful spectrum of the Cr8tive Healing possibilities!

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Let’s get Cr8tive Healing!