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Body Wealth Mastery
Welcome! I’m Patrice the founder of our Body Wealth Club and Creatrix of the Body Wealth Method and I’m passionate in discovering new parts of self to emerge transmute and embody peace within the body and our experience.

*** The Body Wealth Mastery is live and members are free to start rooms. If you would like me to co-host a room with you please DM me on my IG to schedule. ***

My intention is to invite diverse thinkers, intuitive and creative individuals interested in finding out who they are amongst a bevy of visionaries and action takers in the pursuit of wholeness. This hub meet in the realm of true wealth and limitless possibilities....The Heart. We explore and experiment in new ways to to rebuild a New World grounded love compassion in an interconnectedness of unique voices that empowers!

Body Wealth is dedicated to learning Self and embodiment of the unknown parts of Self focusing on discovery of the golden within!

This is a new way of communing, communicating, and embracing our light!