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We are your friends.
From Lauren Smith with Johnee Livingston and some of your new, best, semi-professional Friends. 🌟PLEASE READ THE RULES, FOR REAL.🌟 A place to connect, faster, but also we really just want to be your friends, and ours be yours. ♣️🏠WeAreYourFriends/WAYF is a club founded by and dedicated to a diverse and ecclectic community of voices. Speaking is encouraged, Patience is given and Inclusivity and Respect are non-negotiable.
🔗On Weds. we Link-a weekly networking room for people of various professionals and locations.
🔗Unlikely Connections: A new networking meets mindset room. 🟣 joins us to focus on the benefits that can come from getting out of your comfort zone and expanding your network.
“semi-professionals on decent Behavior.”