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Modern Blk Girl - Wealth Building for Women of Color
We make building wealth easy, cool, and, fun while providing a safe space for women to grow, unite, and build. We talk Tech, Stocks, Real Estate, Bitcoin, Asset Management & more🤍🖤

“If you educate a women, you educate a village”

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NEW TO THE STOCK MARKET LADIES?? No problem. Our Beginner’s circle is the place to be! The Beginner’s Circle breaks down the stock market in the most simplistic way! We encourage ages 16 and Up to join! Let’s build wealth from young!

* Beginner’s Checklist & Quizzes. Learn how to navigate stocks, options, futures, and more.

* Trading dictionary featuring over 200+ Stock Market terms and definitions with supporting audio and video.

* Weekly Stock Market link ups on platforms like Clubhouse & Zoom. AND SO MUCH MORE 🖤

modernblkgirl is geared towards women of color however we encourage ALL women to join us as knowledge is race and gender fluid 🤍🖤


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