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UnConventional Brilliance
Welcome! Unconventional Brilliance is a space for deep thinking and deep feeling creators and entrepreneurs who want to do business their way.....

Not everyone else’s way..... Your Way.

Each one of us has our own unique form of brilliance and when you shine a light on yours and allow it to infuse every part of your business you’ll stand out as different in a good way. That’s Unconventional Brilliance. That’s our mission over here.... to help you shine your brilliance more boldly.

Our main goal is to offer rooms that will inspire creative entrepreneurs to think brighter, dig deeper, and grow their businesses in a genuine and impactful way.

What to expect from this club:

*A focus on Developing Your Ideas not just quick tips and tricks
*Weekly Group Brainstorming Sessions (sometimes you need to bounce your ideas around)
*Encouragement to be your genuine self in your business
*Business Book Club
*Deep Branding
*Ethical Marketing
*Creative & Critical Thinking
*Sustainable Business Models
*Mental & Emotional Wellness for Entrepreneurs
*Creativity (inspiration, overcoming blocks, creative practice)
*Innovation and Ideation for your business

To become a member just follow me below (Telyse Adams, The first name listed) and I’ll add you!

Additionally if you’d like to co-mod or host a room just email me at hey@ucbrilliance.com or DM me on Instagram @ucbrilliance

If there’s someone you think would enjoy what we’re doing over here, then please invite them to join the club as well! Thanks!