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The Daily Archetype
Spiritual intelligence 🤔 or intelligent spirituality 🤷🏼‍♂️ We will be doing book clubs and discussing psychology, philosophy, religion, relationships, mysticism, mindfulness and more! Feel free to start other rooms! @dailyArchetype on social media and podcast (over 4K members on the Facebook group). We want to help each other learn from diverse perspectives, about life and the mind, and enjoy doing so 😊
“The very fact that a general problem has gripped and assimilated the whole of a person is a guarantee that the speaker has really experienced it, and perhaps gained something from his sufferings. He will then reflect the problem for us in his personal life and thereby show us a truth.”Jung, C.G. (1978a), p. 78

“Although seemingly paradoxical, the person who takes upon himself, the people's humiliation, is fit to rule; and he is fit to lead, who takes the country's disasters upon himself.” (Lao-Tzu, 1984c)

The main goals here are centered on the idea that the best thing one can do to heal oneself is to help heal others heal.
We work to see who we are, and what the world is, in the various projected forms.

In discussion of life, politics, or anything else, I hope we find healing and have fun in the process.