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Your experience is a gift that when shared with others keeps giving. Welcome to the community!

We’re here to uplift each other, support each other & help each other get to the next level. Accolades or not, we’re all human, so we’re here to be understanding, uplifting and empowering to help each other thrive and grow. It’s not so much a place for pitching or preaching, it’s more for shared experience.

Musicians Peer Support is all about building relationships and community through the sharing of experiences, resources and information, while helping indie artists, creatives and industry pros alike. We’ll help you get your questions answered, guide you in the right direction, help you focus on your craft and develop your sound and career as an artist. We are not lawyers, so we recommend finding a volunteer entertainment attorney in any members’ legal issues or questions. We are not a substitute for licensed mental health providers, so we recommend seeking professional help when needed. We’re here to establish a well-rounded, kind-hearted approach to artist development, empowerment and the evolution of the music industry as a whole. We are an inclusive community that is built to allow each individual to thrive and grow. Positive reinforcement, encouragement, constructive feedback, gratefulness and self-care are pillars of our approach to assisting our fellow peers.