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Greetings everyone! Thanks for joining us in building this amazing community. We are a collective of creatives, songwriters, producers and music industry professionals that have been supporting, uplifting each other & helping each other get to the next level since October 2020. We’ve exchanged so much helpful information and have shared so many inspiring stories. We get our burning questions answered, and are given feedback from our peers on works in progress. We have organized co-writing sessions and are grateful to have an opportunity to talk to other people who share the same passion. Feel free to introduce yourself. Join the Mailing List. Where are you located? What is your specialty in the field? Ya, know...the basics. Feel free to drop a link in for a live listening session. Welcome to the community! And feel free to invite any music industry friends who you think would benefit while adding value to the amazing community we’ve built filled with positive energy and love.

This is a place where musicians & creatives gather to exchange information & resources, to uplift & support each other, and to help each other get to the next level. Thanks for being part of this community! www.musicianspeersupport.com