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🚂Welcome to StoryTrain. Please hop aboard. Authors and listeners, please follow or join. 🎟 On this train, your ears are your ticket. 📙Sit back and relax 💺 as writers read their books and stories to the CH audience. 🎧 Like listening to an audiobook, but live, and exclusive to Clubhouse. Fall asleep to a new book, or let StoryTrain entertain you as you drive or work. Reading Intermissions and Q&A sessions will allow interaction and listener questions. We especially look forward to helping new authors tell their stories!! 🚞The conductor says: ALL ABOARD!!!!!!! StoryTrain is leaving the station and stories will be told! 🚉Authors: send requests to read your work on StoryTrain via DM in IG to @yaminpublishing. Thank you. Club profile photo credit: Denis Chick on unsplash.