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The Power House
This is the club that explores all things human performance and helps you understand how to bring your BOLDEST, BRAVEST self to your BIGGEST challenges.

Join Dr. Amy Cuddy and Hassan Khan, who will host & curate high-quality discussions with experts, sharing evidence-based, immediately actionable lessons on how to find your personal power, perform under pressure, speak with impact, understand body language, act with authenticity and courage, build trust in professional and personal relationships, and cultivate bravery and decency in your interactions.

We are dedicated to decoding and teaching you the science behind success and achievement, and how to unlock your potential - across all domains. From business, to sport, to the arts and health - we examine the latest psychological and scientific insights that drive peak performance and experiences, and show you how to bring this into your life.

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Topics include:

✭ peak performance ✭ mindset ✭ communication ✭ behavioural economics ✭ leadership ✭ happiness ✭ performing under pressure ✭ decision-making ✭ storytelling ✭ resilience ✭ culture ✭ teams ✭ flow ✭ creativity ✭ innovation ✭ negotiation ✭ strategic thinking ✭ memory ✭ willpower ✭ emotional intelligence ✭ productivity ✭ habits
And more….


Our rooms will include:

✭ Expert masterclasses.
✭ Curated conversations and Q&A’s with top performers and leading thinkers.
✭ Book club discussions.
✭ Brain training workshops and games.

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