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Synthesis of Yoga
Integration of different Yogas for a pragmatic, holistic approach to individual evolution and collective change that is relevant in a contemporary context. Areas of focus - principles and aims of the Yogas of Knowledge, Devotion/Love, Work/Action, Meditation among others, Indian Culture, Philosophy, Myth and History and its connections to other traditions and cultures both in the East and West. The name of the club is inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s book of the same name. The club has no institutional or religious affiliations. 🙏 👉👉👉👉👉👉Upcoming first room: Insights on Yoga - Conversation and Q&A: A conversation about Yoga between Raj Iyer (from The Silent Awareness club) and Deep. We will share our understanding of Yoga and our views on how best to integrate it in our lives. The first 40-45 minutes will be for conversation and then we will invite people on stage for Q&A related to the conversation for 45 mins to an hour.