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Business is for everyone β€” no matter the profession. Join our club where we talk about all things business.

πŸ“°Featured in LA Times.
πŸ“šHave 6 educational chapters in different schools (USC, UCLA, UCR, CPP, CSUN, GCC)
🎀 Hosted events with Karen Civil, CEO of Dave’s Hot Chicken, Greg Autry, Jack Torosian, and more.

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Here’s some stuff we cover in our rooms:
E-Commerce, Dropshipping, Marketing, Online business, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Computer Science, Networking, Advertising, Facebook, Ads, Stocks, Investing, Cryptocurrency, Crypto, Music, Consulting, YouTube, Shopify, Amazon, Twitter, Discord, Affiliate, SEO, Credit, Accounting, Law, Legal, Technology, Email, FBA, Real Estate, Startups, CPA, Accounting, Branding, Management, SMS, Ecom, NFTs