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Welcome TEAM POSITIVE, to our sidecar club! 🌱 Vision: Positive impact is the future of VC.

♣️ Tune in weekly for our *VC Impact* CH club sessions @ 3:30pm PT Fridays—an interview style show with two early stage Founders focused on *Social and Sustainable Tech*, in a shared vertical. Occasionally we’ll do surprise shows with emerging VCs / LPs / Angels / Founders. Join the gang!

🎙 Biweekly Podcast: www.medium.com/posi2ive Where we do more in-depth interviews, and host discussions on *Venture Scale Positive Impacts*—with post Series A close startup Founders / Angels / VCs, and occasionally Authors. Hosted on iTunes, Breaker, Anchor, and Spotify.

💚 We bring more attention to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in aligning the US startup ecosystem within a fully inclusive climate, embracing all forms of diversity, ESG, tech, and stakeholder engagements. Our *VC Impact Capital Community* supports your mission.