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Leadership Reinvented
Reinventing leadership is essential for thriving in an emerging future defined by two global mega-trends: 3-D CHANGE (change that’s exponential, pervasive, and perpetual) and CONVERGENCE (increasing human-technology integration). Join us and interact with visionary Sapient Leaders and change-makers who are creating outstanding organizations and emerging a world where everyone can flourish. Learn new ideas, tools, and methods for enhancing your leadership capabilities. 🎙We convene Wed evenings 6PM Pacific time and host pop-up conversations throughout the week. Join us and discuss the latest trends and models of successful leadership. • If you want to be added to the club, please follow Ron and Aneel and we’ll invite you directly. • Also, feel free to nominate CH members who you think would enjoy the club and our conversations. • If you’d like to suggest a discussion topic or potentially co-host a conversation, please DM us.