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South Asia Culture (Club)
The original club & community for all things South Asia on Clubhouse: arts, culture, entertainment; food, movies, music, literature; memes, movements, news, events; more. But this club is not just FOR or BY those from the South Asian subcontinent — it’s for ANYone and EVERYone who is passionate (or just passingly curious) about the topics and region, beyond time and place... Join us!! See club rules above right (no identity politics, attacks, etc.) and see also shows + resources below:

CURATED SHOWS & CLUBS (more being added as vetted, please email pitches sonal.chokshi@gmail.com):

*Saturdays 9am PT/ 12pm ET*
🙏🏽 ☕️ “Namaste World” (formerly Namaste America) The longest running show here about the world of South Asian culture & entertainment, where we discuss what’s top of mind through different topics/ speakers/ formats every week. Co-hosted by Sonal Chokshi & Snigdha Sur, with core crew and regulars (+OGs Seema Amble, Sheel Mohnot, Ayesha Syeddah, Avni Patel Thompson) as well as countless others who regularly contribute insights & vibes!

*Sundays 6pm PT/ 9pm ET*
☕️📋 “Chai w Atoms”. Afternoon tea and inspirations of the week. With Waqas Ali & Sidra Qasim.

*Mondays 5pm PT/ 8pm ET*
💞💘 Brown Dating Big Facts. Talking culture, gender, intimacy, dating, sexuality, and more; no judgment, all dialogue. Hosted by Jashima Wadehra.

*Mondays 7pm PT/ 10pm ET*
📺 🎶 South Asians in Entertainment. Hosted by Satien Mehta, Adhrucia Apana, Labid Aziz, Wahid Islam, Rummi Khan, Bhavani Rao, Bash Naran.

*Wednesdays 4pm PT/ 7pm ET*
🎥 🎞 The Juggernaut Presents Bollywood Unraveled. Hosted by Snigdha Sur & Imaan Shaikh.

*occasionally/ regular time tbd*
🗺🖥 Startup Bharat. Talking Indian startup ecosystem. Hosted by Balaji Srinivasan & Naval Ravikant.

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