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English Practice Club
🇬🇧🇺🇸Speak English and learn to think in English. 🎥See where I live on my YOUTUBE Channel: “English Walks With Irina” .
Discover 🔐secret places in Vienna and hear their stories in English!

🎥Movie Club
📚Book Club- see schedule and Instagram.
✳️ I conduct rooms to activate your passive knowledge. My method is different and is not for everyone, because it is aimed at your thinking, not only at your memory. I developed it in 25 years of own practice and experience.

Practice 🧠thinking and 🗣speaking English. Discuss life, business, travel, hobbies, interests, books, movies, philosophy. Improve your communication, rhetorics, language skills.
Business English. MBA preparation, career and job search.

英语 Английский язык.

No teaching. But thinking, discussing, challenge and fun.

Bonus: 🔒Closed Mini Group Club Deluxe✨ for donations✨with additional private and exclusive rooms with an in-depth individual approach!

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, please read my Bio „Irina English” or write to me on Instagram @english.activation.
Thank you.

🔒Closed Sponsors’ Club for 🎗Donations:
👂🗣⚒️Individual pronunciation, grammar coaching.
📖Advanced vocabulary, idioms, collocations
🙌Closely tied small community (rooms for 3-4 people) for private, informal, relaxed English conversations.