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Selvam Business Club
"Selvam Vaniga Kulumam" is an Online platform connecting Businesses across the Globe to meet, connect, refer and grow collaboratively thereby increasing the Networth of your businesses. Our vision is to help every start-up company to grow better and existing businesses to scale-up further through Referral Marketing; Experts Guidance and Mentoring businesses thereby creating sustainability


Please note,

1. Selvam is an Online aggregator for business connects and referrals only and doesn't warrant / take responsibility of any business activities you deal with through the members of this forum.

2. At Selvam, we do not entertain the following business types: MLM, Network Marketing, Investments such as Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, chit funds, private financers and businesses which are not authorized to function according to Indian Constitution Law.

3. Considering an online platform, please be socio-responsible and do not share sensitive / confidential information to anyone unless you know them in person and have made transactions with them already and Selvam at any given instance shall not be responsible / liable for the same

This Club conducts Clubhouse meetings on various topics that will enhance the business of participating business owners