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Buying The Block - Real Estate Development
Real Estate Investing and Community Development using approaches that revitalize instead of gentrify. I will discuss my proven models for protecting existing residents and bringing in higher income people that look like the community.

Ex: Successful $1,070,000 crowdfund case study on a 20 property (commercial and residential) project I own in 5th Ward of Houston, TX.

Ex: 14 Townhouse Development attracting young working professionals back to the 5th Ward neighborhood. Houses in the $300K built on property that was once drug infested and a nuisance to the community.

Ex: 250 Unit Multi-Family Opportunity Zone development. Funding it by helping high income earners defer all tax liability for 7 years+ by investing in my Opportunity Zone Development projects. They also get tax free profits for 10 years as an investor.

Reality is we can’t stop redevelopment from big developers, but we can participate and control the communities in the vicinity of those projects. We invest, we control, we protect, we benefit, and we maintain the community’s culture and heritage.

Strategies to make money passively for anyone with any schedule.

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