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Women Matter
This Club is different!
We are built collaboratively by each of the women inside of it!
This is your club! This is our club!

Started by @drlola owned by all of us!

Showcasing everyday women doing extraordinary things and extraordinary women changing the world.

For more information pls visit : www.womenmatterclub.com

Welcome to Women matter where we are updating the global conversation around the female experience !
Representation matters ! Not only because we birth nations but because from the playground to the boardrooms to the White House we rule and we do it right! Join Us ! Conversations about why we matter!

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🗣 Checkout our popular rooms: •Support Women Businesses Room
•Daily Habits of High Performing Females
•Support COVID19 impacted Women Businesses Room •Special Guest Q&A sessions •Vision Board Meetings •Job Board Meetings •Matters Arising Meetings and so much more

What rooms will you create?

Nominate and invite others to join, when we grow, you grow

•DM @drlola or any of the admins to suggest topics or if you would like to host your own room and invite the club to discuss or if you would like to moderate!