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Cinema Salad
Everything TV, Film and Theatre.

MEMBERS-ONLY SLACK COMMUNITY: cinema-salad.slack.com

We cater to the creatives for several reasons (1) to educate (2) to relate (3) to share (4) to learn (5) to create and HAVE FUN DOING IT.
✨Quarterly Meetings✨
1hr long sessions @ End of each Quarter

✅Quarter 1

⭕️Quarter 2
WRITER: Sun. June 27 @ 2pm PST
PRODUCER: Sun. June 27 @ 3pm PST

⭕️Quarter 3
WRITER: Sun. Sept 26 @ 2pm PST
PRODUCER: Sun. Sept 26 @ 3pm PST

⭕️Quarter 4
WRITER: Sun. Dec 12 @ 2pm PST
PRODUCER: Sun. Dec 12 @ 3pm PST

✍🏽Weekly Meetings✍🏽
CHECK “SLACK” for any upcoming ZOOM & WRITES 🍵
✨Other Events✨

Watch, Sip, Review (TV, Film, Theatre)
Screenwriter Discussions
Random Writing Sessions
Director Discussions
Producers Discussions
Actor Discussions
Happy Hour Mixers


Looking forward to seeing you!!

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