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Truth & Magic
An immersive audio experience. Abandon reality & join us through the trippy haze of your own living room.

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💡Immersive Audio Incubator💡
Thursdays @ 5pm PST / 8pm EST

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A weekly creative session for immersive artists at all stages of development. The purpose of this series: to use us, your audience, as your guinea pigs! No idea is too small or too crazy.

Ultimately, we want to elevate artists during this period of isolation to workshop ideas & gain valuable feedback.

A few immersive examples: The Sexxxting Outloud Show (comedic improv series), 1-min Sound Collabs, Screenplays Reimagined with Live Music, Smells and Food (associations through sound), Immersive Radio, Theatre Workshops, Binaural Audio Listening.

The “$exxxting Outloud” Show
Crowd-sourced sensual stories read in real time. Dry text, read wet.

Friday Pop-Ups @ 7pm PST / 10pm EST