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Health Podcast Collective
Welcome to the Holistic Health Podcast Collective!

This space has two purposes:

1. Connect the curious and health forward people with amazing podcasts that will educate and inform on the topic of evidence- based holistic wellness.

2. Connect podcast hosts with potential guests in the field of holistic health. There are so many amazing functional medicine based physicians and practitioners on this platform. You are such a wealth of knowledge and we want your voices to be heard.

🌿 This club was founded by Stephanie Center, 🎙 host of REVOLUTIONARY HEALTH PODCAST.

Meet our amazing moderators (carefully and thoughtfully hand selected, because of their expertise and integrity:

✳️Scott Emmens: Founder of supplement company MDLogic and wellness expert.
✳️ Laini Gray: Women’s hormone expert and DUTCH test advocate.
✳️ Rachel Hoeppner: Nutrition expert, Whole 30 enthusiast, and healthy recipe creator.
✳️ Nick Logan: Lyme expert and diagnostic nutrition practitioner.
✳️ Heather Oricchio: Licensed occupational therapist and Mast Cell Activation syndrome expert.
✳️ Awaits Spall: Auyervedic practitioner and mold expert.
✳️ Dan Voss: Wim Hoff enthusiast ans host of A New Way of Living Podcast.

Founded by
✳️ Stephanie Center: Licensed occupational therapist and environmental toxins expert.

Are you an expert? Reach out to Steph for the opportunity to be a guest speaker on our panel.

Send podcast inquiries to info.holistichouse@gmail.com