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Nate Night Talks
Nate Night Talks is a club dedicated to (re)exploring the fundamental questions that have captivated and vexed humanity throughout the ages. Together we will examine these crucial questions through a more enlightened and modern lens. It is time we fearlessly scrutinize the old narratives about life, the planet, and our place in the universe. If we don’t understand the universe we will never understand our place within it.

Nate Night Talks aims to create and nurture new thought leaders for a species in transition. To break down old and dangerous paradigms and shift consciousness to that of love, empathy, oneness, and endless possibilities. There is a war on consciousness taking place and it’s time we take back control.

Below is a list of topics most frequently discussed. Additionally there will be the occasional Q&A with a special guest as well as lighthearted rooms where we play games involving the topics below.

🛸 UFO & USOs
🍄 Psychedelics
👁 Consciousness
👽 Extraterrestrials & Multidimensional Beings
🗿 Ancient History
🕵️‍♂️ Coverups, Disinformation, Counter-Intelligence, and PsyOps
⌛️ Quantum Physics
☯️ Spirituality & Energy
🏛 Secret Societies
🧬 Biotech
🤖 AI

I’ve spent over 12 years of my life heavily researching the UFO phenomena. I’ve tracked down authors, visited UFO hotspots, and seen/experienced incredible phenomena. I have traveled the world to visit ancient sites and cultures. I’ve sat with the most powerful psychedelics on the planet where I was shown my higher-self, other dimensions, and beings of unfathomable intelligence. And I’ve done all of this because I needed to discover the truth about consciousness, God, the universe, my purpose, and life outside this planet. With all I’ve seen and learned I still don’t really know anything. But I’m happy to share my experiences and learn about yours so that we can all grow together.

Everyone puts their faith in something. It is how we find meaning. Faith gives us purpose, hope, strength, and a way to cope with our own mortality. We are all free and entitled to believe what we want as long as that belief does not cause harm to those who believe something different. This is a safe space for free-thinkers to come together, share ideas, experiences, and knowledge. All are welcome!

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