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Culturally Competent Conversations
🙏👋 Welcome to the Culturally Competent Conversations Club, a part of the larger C3EB Summit and Platform.

🔥We are the originators and co-creators of the “and I’m done speaking” protocol on CH

Topics we cover: Mental Wellbeing, Leadership, Tech, Data, Metrics, Communications, Marketing, Innovation, STEAM, Education, Environment, Infrastructure, Policy and Law, Disabilities, Psychology, Science, Philosophy, Group Dynamics, Group Behavior and more!

🔵 ALL of our rooms are intentionally anti-racist and anti-ableist, embedded in DEI & B principles.

🔵 NONE of our rooms are spaces of therapy, coaching or any official professional services with legal implications.

🔵 NONE of our rooms are spaces for trauma dumping, trauma bonding or triggering.

To find out more about the Platform: www.C3EB.com

Platform and Club Creator: Dr. AJ @draj
Club Admins:
Ruthie Bowles @ruthiemarketing,
Santosh Mathew @santoshum,
Kevin Shah @kevinshah
Visionary + Empath Coach @berhenda

Club themes:
🧠👀❣️Mind - Body - Soul Mondays
🗣 “Tell me about..” Transparent Tuesdays
🤔 “What about..” Wondering Wednesdays
💭 Thought provoking Thursdays
⏩⬆️ Failing Forward Fridays
💪🦾 Set up for Success Sundays

To host a room with us or for collaborations, contact Dr. AJ (@draj)

💥At C3EB we believe that Inclusion is not a Zero-Sum Game. And neither are Equity and Belongingness.

What does Cultural Competence mean in this space?

It means operating from a space of Awareness, Sensitivity, Humility and Responsiveness with regards to where we are coming from AND where the other person might be in their journey.

Competence doesn’t mean mastery in here, it means the willingness to practice toward progress.

1.) Be respectful by not talking over each other
2.) Be ready to receive wisdom through the lived experiences of others
3.) Be open to vulnerability
4.) Expect to face and address your internal biases and assumptions
5.) Be solution focused and not problem or drama focused. This is not a space for therapy. 38089