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Quantum Photonics
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A home community for everyone to learn about cutting-edge technologies, to think out of boxes and to be part of innovations.

❤️Thanks for being with us for 1️⃣4️⃣7️⃣days. Please fill in your bio with interests so we can bring you up on stage.

For partnership, collaborations, volunteers and suggestions, please contact club or DM @sierra_photon.

❤️Special Events w/ THANKS & LOVE❤️

✌️ 08/28/2021 💡Frederic Grillot, Light Squeezing
✌️ 07/23/2021 💡Jane Gatsby, Complex Adaptive System Theory
✌️ 07/17/2021 💡Mark Jackson @Cambridge QC, Quantum Computing
✌️ 07/16/2021 💡Shiva Meucci & Sky Nelson-Isaacs, Nature of Reality
✌️ 06/26/2021 💡Maria Entraigues Abramson & Aubrey De Grey @SENS, Undoing Aging
✌️ 06/19/2021 💡Miguel Nicolelis & Ronald Cicurel, Brain-Machine Interface
✌️ 06/12/2021 💡Ronald Cicurel, Mathematician, How Mental Space Builds Realities
✌️ 06/05/2021 💡Mahmoud Mehrabad @ LDSD Center, Photonic Quantum Computer
✌️ 05/29/2021 💡Karla Moxley, Quantum Perspectives of Plants/Trees/Rain
✌️ 05/25/2021 💡Margo Keenum @NC GOP D-11 Exe Secretary, War & The Brain
✌️ 05/20/2021 💡Robert Niffenegger @MIT, Trapped Ions
✌️ 05/17/2021 💡Jean Hebert @EinsteinMed, Replacing Aging
✌️ 05/14/2021 💡Eric Holland @Keysight, Quantum Firmware
✌️ 05/09/2021 💡Tyler Sutherland @UTSA, Quantum Physics Q& A
✌️ 05/07/2021 💡Joe Fitzsimons @Horizon, Quantum Computing
✌️ 05/06/2021 💡Alex Tan @Xanadu, Quantum PIC

❤️Recurring Events w/ THANKS & LOVE❤️

✌️Pop Up 12PM PT💡Welcome to Quantum Photonics: Chill & Science w/ Sierra @sierra_photon
✌️ Sun. 7AM PT 💡Quantum Photonics Weekly News Flash & Coffee w/ Ryan @iiot
✌️ Sun. 7PM PT 💡Quantum Photonics Big Ideas & Intuitions w/ K @kdotom
✌️ Mon. 7AM PT 💡 Flow,Synchronicity,and Wholeness w/ Sky @nelson_sky
✌️ Mon. 7PM PT 💡Neurophotonics w/ Hazel @cerebral_haze
✌️ Tue. 7PM PT 💡Quantum Photonics Biotechnology w/ Imad @Astro_Imad
✌️ Wed. 7PM PT 💡Quantum Photonics Imaging w/ Catarina @clemoscatarina
✌️ Thu. 7PM PT 💡Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits w/ Alex @empepic
✌️ Fri. 7PM PT 💡Quantum Consciousness w/ Isaac @dailyarchetype
✌️ Sat. 7PM PT 💡Happy Hour w/ Creon @creon

❤️No Matter Where You’re From, Your Dreams Are Valid❤️