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Mom's with Chronic Pain
Being a mom encompasses so many things. To include chronic pain does it make anything easier. Mom’s with Chronic Pain is a club where we will meet, share and check in. We hope this space will provide you the ability to lean on other mothers who have experienced similar things as yourself. Along with those who advocate for us.
We are looking to adjust our schedule to make sure users across the globe can attend.

Some chronic pain conditions include:

Lupus . Endometriosis. Irritable Bowel Syndrome . Migraine . Rheumatoid Arthritis . Osteoarthritis . Fibromyalgia . Multiple Sclerosis . Nerve Damage .
Lower Mack pain . Chronic pelvic pain . Celiac Disease
And more...
For questions or comments reach out to the Club on Instagram @momswithchronicpain make sure to follow us as well. It’s a new page. @Takeisha is the founder of the group.

Follow us and nominate those you think would be great for the group.