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Hyper Curious
“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious” — Albert Einstein. Are you a hyper curious human? You found the right place to connect with likeminded people ⚡️😎⚡️ ————————————————————— Here we talk about the most enlightening a-ha moments that we had in our lives as entrepreneurs, game changers and explorers. ————————————————————— Hyper Curious is also Beta Lucca passion project — a podcast where she interviews some of the most eternally curious & successful artists, authors and entrepreneurs on all the challenges they face and mindset they must have as they create the future they want to live 🤩 ———————————————————— http://hypercurious.fm ————————————————————— If you would like to host a room here, please get in touch: http://betalucca.com/contact