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The Relationship Xpert Show
TRXS-The Relationship Xpert Show A How-To club room,
was created to discuss all relationship levels, from in person relationships, online engagement, new & old emotional relationships, business, relationships with money, social media relationship building (#socialdigitalcurrency) etc...We’re helping you navigate from one dynamic relationship to another.

We will Host specific rooms for singles, newbies, and long term relationships with a strategic approach to growth and wellness in your lifelong journey.

From guest speakers to Xclusive only TRXS club rooms your Xposure to unique and helpful processes will be developed.

🔑 Remember to turn on and mute your mic upon entry of the speaker level. To press microphone to be selected, ask a question, and mostly to engage!

Welcome to TRXS!! Info@trxsnow.com
“If you start a room linked to our club, club admins may track your room stats via direcon.com". Join the TRXS Now Discord: https://discord.gg/JNB4tsxpJ2 and continue the conversation here!