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Women & National Security
A space for conversations about the role of women in national security, conflict resolution, civic engagement, societal transformation, war, diplomacy, defense, and foreign affairs. 

Our mission is to provide diverse women with a platform to discuss, collaborate, ideate, and research issues related to national security from across the spectrum and around the world.

Join us for weekly in-depth discussions around women, politics, human rights, economics, journalism, education, technology, and culture.

If you like what you hear, please invite others so that we can include more extraordinary and intelligent voices in our discussion.

We welcome your feedback and topic suggestions. 🌐 Twitter: @WomenNatSec

We seek to promote active listening, thoughtful silence (we <3 pauses), and insightful and inquisitive communication. Weekly rooms about Intelligence, War, Military, Peacebuilding, Conflict, Ideology, Tribalism, Race, Class, Power, Terrorism, Fiscal policy, Unemployment, Income Inequality, Feminism (intersectional, black, radical, hood, liberal), Feminist theory and critique, Pussy Riot, ASEAN, NATO, EU, AU, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, Data Science, AI and ML, AI Ethics, Reporting , Media, Mis/disinformation.