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🎵Citizen Cope
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Manet is my love language
🦠COVID redux: future of epidemiology
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Other topics of interest: anthropology, sociology, academia, academics, education, neuroscience, cognition, cognitive psychology, social psychology, neuropsychology, neural, democracy, capitalism, social sciences, archeology, literature, writing, filmmaking, TV, television, storytelling, photography, women, womxn, behavioural science, behavioral economics, decision science, statistics, linguistics, history of science, biology, epidemiology, public health, political science, politician, public policy, geopolitics, international relations, social justice, climate change, ecology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, genetics, genomics, mathematics, physics, cosmology, astronomy, quantum, computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, ML, AI, VR, AR, STEM, STEAM, virtual reality, augmented reality, psychedelics, robots, robotics, materials, electrical, engineering, computer science, data, tech, entrepreneurship, pricing, branding, management, ceo, journalism, election, product, data product, crypto, NFTs, future of work, gastronomy, architecture, dance, writer, design, artist, scientist