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《響樂 Live Music Lounge》
🎼Welcome to《響樂 Live Music Lounge》🎼

We are here to spread love and happiness through music!

Tap to join the club or tap “Invite People” button if you are already a member. We host music rooms weekly and it will be hosted in English and Mandarin.

All about Live Music. All the genres supported! Classical, Piano Recital, Jazz, Opera, Acoustic Rock, Indie, Lo-Fi, K-Ballad, Chinese Orchestrate, EDM, Rap, Hip Hop, Beatbox etc

We set up this club mainly to support outstanding musicians in Asia. Because of the pandemic, many concerts have been cancelled, which has a great impact on them. Therefore, we want to support them through the clubhouse.

We welcome all musicians to perform with us, please contact Vivienne Kong Ig: @ vivgourmet

Music Knows No Borders. Love and Peace.


🎼 歡迎來到《響樂 Live Music Lounge 》🎼


我们成立这个club主要是为了支持世界各地优秀的音乐家們,因为疫情的關係許多演奏會都因此取消,對他们的影响很大,所以我想透過clubhouse 支持他们。我们也想通过音乐传播爱和幸福。

我們非常歡迎各位音樂家加入我們,如果你有興趣,請你聯繫Vivienne Kong IG: @vivgourmet

音乐无国界,爱与你同在。Love and Peace。


🎹 节目 Program 🎹

《響樂現場音樂會 • Enjoy Live Music》

《与鋼琴家的音樂对话 • Piano & Conversation》

《聲夜 • Acoustic Night》