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Gen Z
The biggest Gen Z club on Clubhouse and one of the largest Gen Z communities online since Jan 2021! We are a club for Gen Z to hang out, talk business, trends, social media, education, and all types of issues that concern our generation. Non-Gen Z welcome to come & chat or ask questions!

Weekly chats on Tuesday at 2pm EST, Thursdays at 5pm BST / 12pm EST, and a lot of different pop-up rooms in between!

Join 15,000+ members and followers at Clubhouse’s fast-growing Gen Z crew! 🚀✨

Twitter: @TheGenZClub! Find us on Twitter Spaces 🎧

The Gen Z Club was created under the Gen Z social media agency The Z Link. For enquiries or collaborations, please DM our Twitter (@TheGenZClub), or The Z Link on Instagram (@the.z.link). Thank you! ☺️📩
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