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Tex Flicks ‘n’ Chill
What you telling meee? Welcome to Tex Flicks ‘n’ Chill created by @texcellence the home of all things Litty 🔥🤪

The home of catching cruise, chilling and original clubhouse games created here such as:
Tex’s Gambit 🎮©️®️
Sabo Concè Concè 🎮©️®️

Everybody is welcome, come catch a vibe 🙌🏿

Please nominate all your friends to the club 🙌🏿

For Teleparty Group Watch Parties:
1. Open Google Chrome
2. Download the Teleparty plug in for Chrome: https://www.netflixparty.com install it then pin it to Chrome.
3. Click the movie/show Teleparty invite link youll be sent
4. Once you’ve clicked it click the TP button in your browser to join the party
5. Enjoy