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NEUROPLASTICITY • The Conversation That Moves You Forward
The Neuroplasticity Club is a sacred space that creates an intersection where evidence-based practice meets education...while inviting collaboration and community.

🌟 This Community Is For You If You Value 🌟
* Generosity
* Curiosity
* Shared Learning
* Self-discovery
* Protecting the Truth

We believe experiential learning is the best way to learn. Come experience how to intentionally reprogram the unconscious mind and creating new neural pathways for sustainable change!

✨ We host rooms that discuss, explain, teach, educate, enlighten and empower others - at the highest level of energy possible ✨

Interested in bringing your expertise to the club? DM @jodeegibson (Instagram) and link in bio.

🧠 The easier you make things inside your head, the easier things become outside of your head • Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP).

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