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Romanian Identity Club
♣️🏠Welcome to Romanian Identity Club 🇷🇴🎊

🇷🇴 This is a club dedicated to celebrating Romanian representation and culture through chats, performances, events and fun interactions.

📌Club founder: Teodora Dontu (@teodoradontu)

🎭A space where we can have fun, educational, stimulating discussions about our country, heritage, experience and identity.

🎉If you are curious and interested in getting to know more about Romanian culture, you are more than welcomed in these spaces.

🗣Some rooms will be in Romanian 🇷🇴 some will be in English 🇬🇧 all welcomed ✨

We’ll be hosting conversations about:
Romanian Diaspora 📍
Heritage & Knowledge 🏰
Identity Diaries 📖
Network Nights 🍷
Romanian Creatives Support Groups 🤝
+ Many More

*if you have any suggestions or want to collaborate, please DM Teodora Dontu, we’d love to hear any cool and creative ideas 🥰