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Chronic Illness and Entrepreneurship
❤️This is a safe space for us to get together and chat about CHRONIC ILLNESS❤️

-You’re taking care of someone with a CHRONIC ILLNESS.
-A family member or a friend has a CHRONIC ILLNESS.
-You want to learn about CHRONIC ILLNESS.
-You support or assist people with CHRONIC ILLNESS.

This is your space.

You do not have to be an entrepreneur to participate.

Current Weekly Rooms...

-Sunday at 2pm est Chronic Illness and Relationships. We talk about all types of relationships. From friendships to loveships. Moderated by Kim.

-Monday at 2pm est Chronic Illness and Entrepreneurship. We spend time chatting about our daily activities. Moderated by Joelle.

-Tuesday at 6:30pm est Chronic Illness and Finding Your Fitness Level. We talk about figuring out your fitness level and maintaining it. Moderated by Jake.

-Friday at 7pm est Timing is Everything. We discuss time management and how it relates to your chronic illness. Moderator is Alethea.

Thank you for joining this community ❤️

Your journey is very personal to you. We are here to help you along the way.

If you would like to start a room under the club. Please contact Joelle on her IG. Thank you.