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We The Future (WTF)
We The Future™ empowers the next generation to unite in action as future leaders taking on global grand challenges. The We The Future (WTF) club envisions a world in which the next generation unites to transform humanity and build an extraordinary future. 🌎🌎🌎

Focused on radical collaboration, transformation, leadership, action, and inclusion; We The Future (WTF) brings NextGen leaders, icons, and influencers to share their work and vision to create a better future. 💫

NOMINATE any change makers in your Clubhouse network to join our community of over 142k members + followers from all around the world. 🦾

🚀 Let’s co-create solutions for a better future together. 🚀

DM @kunalsood on here or @kunalsood.in on IG or @kunalsood on Twitter with room ideas + suggestions. 💭

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Mental Health
Climate Change
Gender Equality
Protecting Our Planet

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