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Energy Healing
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🔥A clubhouse for all things related to Energy Healing (all modalities welcome). Interested in learning how energy work can help you? Join! Are you a holistic energy worker? Join!🔥

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DM Liezell on Instagram: @liezellb. Allow up to 24 hrs for topic/room approval. Kindly asking you to not start rooms without chatting with Liezell first.
💫 Let this club serve you by using it to your benefit. Please nominate members who you feel will resonate and also recommend this club to people interested in learning about all the benefits of energy work. 💫

⭐️ This is an inclusive and non-judgmental space. ⭐️

Energy healers/workers pls feel free to host rooms in this club to collaborate and network with fellow practitioners. Feel free to host rooms to share about the kind of work you do, share your gift and invite others in.

Want to learn more about how different energy modalities can help you, your life, and business? Join and attend the various energy healing rooms to connect with energy healers and workers.

Set up rooms and have authentic conversations and make connections :) Excited to see how this club grows. Let’s raise the awareness on all the benefits of energy healing and let’s raise the human consciousness collective!