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Network Like Crazy
📍Network Like Crazy’s Club Mantra
Give First. Ask Later. Build Relationship Capital

If you’re invested in others relationship capital, the distinctive value created by you in any business relationship, then the Network Like Crazy Club is for you! 💞.

❌ When you Network Like Crazy, you’re actually only building transactional relationships.

✔️ When you invest in being people first, you build Relational Capital.

🎉 Relational Capital will catapult abundance in your life and your business.🎉

So, how much currency do you have in your relationship wallet?
This club was curated by Lisa Patrick to help you build your currency.

What is relationship capital? It is personal and derivative from our 1 to 1 interactions, because it represents the quality of your behaviors, trait and interactions over a period of time.

Led by Lisa Patrick, serial entrepreneur, investor, Forbes and Entrepreneur contributor, personal branding thought leader, and Chief Entrepreneur Officer at Belongify — putting the ‘ME’ back in ‘WE’ in the right kind of way — I’d like to welcome you to the Network Like Crazy Pod.

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🗣Together, we are limiting the number of transactional relationships by being committed to adding depth and breath to our transformational relationships💞