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🎙Welcome all Voice Actors, Voice Over Artists, Actors, Impressionists, Dialect Coaches, pro’s and amateurs alike!

🗣 Are you interested in getting into Voice Over work or do you simply enjoy doing impressions? Do you want to learn about the industry from experienced, hard working voices actors?

😺 Do you want to learn how to do impressions of famous characters or come up with your own characters?

This space is for you. 🙂

☕️ Hangouts, networking, fun, learning, and vocal experimentation.


The type of rooms there’ll be:

🔴 VO Impressions Masterclass

🔵 VO American & British Dialect Practise

🟢 VO Monologue Practise

🟡 VO Coffee & Tea Hangout

🟣 VO Character Voice Techniques

The aim of this club is not only for VO artists to network, but for them to learn, experiment, and ultimately reaching their full potential.

Oh...and it’s important to have fun doing it! 🙂

Good vibes, no judgement, people supporting each other and elevating each other as we develop our voices.

Welcome to the Voice Over & Impressions Club.