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Come join us for some pre-Lullaby room fun. Don’t worry about waking the baby in this room and while still promoting the lullaby vibe of inclusion with artists and listeners.
November 29, 2021
04:30 [Greenwich Mean Time]
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Welcome to Lullaby Club Season 3 Stressed out? Trouble falling asleep? This is a special place on the internet where artistry, playfulness, and good vibes come together to melt away the stresses of daily life. So…make a hot drink, snuggle up, and unwind with us every night @9-10(ish)pm PT 🎶 🛌 🌙😴 Website: www.lullaby.club IG: @lullaby.club 🗓 5 Hosts, 5 Vibes 🗓 Not all Lullaby Club evenings are the same! Every host is bringing their own special sauce, so check out every night. 🎹 9pm PT Sunday - w/Ty Rex Start your week off in a calm headspace with ambient piano artist Ty Rex and friends. Join us for ethereal music and dreamy conversations. 🎙 9pm PT Mondays - w/Mohsin Zaman A gentle bed time tuck-in with a mellow dose of soothing songs and wholesome vibes. ✨ 9pm PT Tuesdays - w/Son of Cloud Tuesday evening wind-downs - equal parts melody, philosophy, and frivolity. Hosted by Son of Cloud (AKA Jon Seale) and featuring an all-star cast of guest singers, thinkers, and dreamers. 🎶 9pm PT Wednesdays - w/Lucy Clearwater From hearing the lullabears sing you your favorite recipes, to quietly giggling at covers of well known food-referencing songs, and being sent to sleep with a little extra sweetness, this night is full of goodies. 📖 9pm PT Thursdays - w/The Man With The Voice A soothing blend of spoken word, instrumentation and vocals melding into an auditory experience that will calm your mind and melt the aches of the day right off of you. 🛌 9pm PT Fridays - Flashbacks A re-run broadcast of a past Lullaby Club show 🛌9pm PT Saturday - Flashbacks A re-run broadcast of a past Lullaby Club show Website: www.lullaby.club IG: @lullaby.club ———————— FAQ ———————— 👋🤝🙌 Want to explore brand partnerships? Let’s talk! Email bryan@smallbatchmgmt.com ————————- You should also know... 🔴 All rooms are being recorded (to the best of our ability) unless otherwise noted 🤓 If you start a room linked to our club, club admins may track your room stats via direcon.com / 82717 💖 You are worthy of love, joy and soothing, exactly as you are.
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